Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye And Good Luck With That

Wie gehts und Auf Wiedersehen,

Initially, this blog post was going to be about the stuff I liked from 2015 (records, movies, books, etc.), but a few things interceded before I could complete this post.

First, I don't exactly know how coding here on Blogger's webservice works, but it's garbage. Trying to eliminate blank line breaks that appear, disappear and then reappear sporadically between paragraphs as I add pictures or made edits became absolutely maddening.

B.) I began to doubt this entire blog deal all together. I started this blog simply to write. Writing is something I enjoy immensely. Also, I'm fairly good at, which is something I can't entirely say for other facets of my life. Lately, however, writing on this blog has become a chore and I found trying to maintain one entry a month to be not only tedious, but uninspired. I used to write about the things that interested me, but perhaps that well has run dry. I mean, who is even reading this crap, and how does it really differ from the kajillion other blogs blogging up the Interwebs?  

Thricely, I recently went back to school to get my degree in filmmaking and (ironically enough) creative writing. School takes up a (((HUGE))) chunk of my free time, and between that, homework, work-work and home/life responsibilities, blogging about, say, the latest record that sound exactly like the former latest record seemed frivolous. The time to pound words into the Internet ether just isn't there anymore.

And lastly, I've had this story kicking around my head for the last decade that I really need to commit to paper, either in a book or screenplay format. This might sound crazy, but I've been wondering if the energy I've been using to write stuff here on this blog isn't going to waste when more substantial endeavors await right around the corner.

So, I'm making this blog entry - written on the last month of 2015 - my last for a while. Should inspiration take hold and I feel the need to word-blast the Internet with trivial observations and trifling  pontifications, I'll take to this blog and start spraying words and punctuation at random on it again. Until that time, I'm signing off for now.

Thanks to all three of you for reading,


P.S. Here are my Favorites of 2015:

Favorite Record: Swervedriver I Wasn't Born to Lose You (Cobraside)
Favorite Reissue: Lilys Eccsame the Photon Band (Frontier)
Favorite Single: Teen Daze "Morning World" from the album Morning World (Paper Bag)
Favorite Album Cover: Helen The Original Faces (Kranky)
Favorite Live Show: Ride at The Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon - 8/8/2015
Favorite Video: Tame Impala "The Less I Know the Better" (Interscope) *NSFW*
Favorite Record Label: Burger Records
Favorite Film: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (Kino Lorber)
Favorite Television Show: Jessica Jones (Marvel/Netflix)

Favorite Podcast: I Was There Too (Wolfpop)
Favorite Book: Your Band Sucks: What I Saw at Indie Rock's Failed Revolution
                         (But Can No Longer Hear) by Jon Fine (Penguin)
Favorite Thing: The Friend Ship "Banjo Man" Skateboard Deck w/ art by Mike Guerrero