Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ello, Ello - Here We Go (Again)!

Ello's Logo: A premature shit-eating grin?
So, I too have bought in to the brand new social networking phenomenon taking the "old" social networking website guard (sorry, Facebook) by streamlined, no-frills, advertisment-less storm. Yes, I'm talking about the website you and your friends have all been raving about: Ello.

Promising an non-intusive and simple social networking experience, Ello bills itself as a very un-Facebook friend-connecting experience. To take part in this website-gone-viral, you have to be invited by a friend. So, essentially, Ello is a sort of virtual country club, but one decorated in stark and simple black and white. Think Twitter if that site allowed more characters and was rendered on a white sheet of paper.

So far, my experience with Ello has been, well... meh. While it is nice to be on a social network that doesn't data mine your identity into oblivion, Ello's sparse aesthetic mixed with making it difficult to find friends on the site and a lack of a mobile app presence leaves something to be desired. But, that being said, Ello is still in its beta test phase, so they can afford some baby steps slack. And it's free for those invited, so there's that.

Given the history of several tried-and-failed social networking misfires (*cough!* Google+ *cough!*), Ello definitely seems to be positioning itself successfully at the moment as the "anti-Facebook" that website's increasingly kvetching users have been clamoring for for some time now. Time will tell if Ello is indeed the giant slayer it posits itself to be, or yet another in a long line of best intention-ers whose names you can't remember. 

Anyhoo, I'm here if you're interested in Ello-ing with me. So far I have two very underwhelming missives and I had a "friend" (I'm sorry, "Noise") made with me by someone who "ello's" in Spanish (damn you, high school German language-taking me!) So... huzzah, I guess.

Ello. It's like Facebook, only not. That's what seemingly everyone's hyping about these days, anyway.


Update (09/05/2014): Due to a complete lack of interest in investing the time or energy it requires to post anything on this brand spankin' new social networking website (that, mind you, had everyone all a-buzz just a few weeks ago), I've cancelled my account. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, this blog, and a raft of other social media obligations (let's face it, that's what all this online junk has become: obligatory), I suppose personal expression online outlet fatigue has finally set in. So... Ello, goodbye.