Friday, August 15, 2014

Bonding. James Bonding.

Name another film franchise with more longevity, influence and legend as the James Bond series. Go ahead. I'll give you a second or 0:07...

With 23 films spanning over 50 years (not counting teleplays, spoofs, and one non-cannon entry), creator Ian Flemming's suave, adventurous and quip-equipped British secret agent has thrilled audiences for decades. Played by six different actors over Bond's storied lifetime, 007 set the standard for everything action movies are today. No other movie franchise has had as long-lasting an impact as James Bond.

I was first introduced to Bond in 1994 while watching For Your Eyes Only on VHS at a friend's house. Needless to say, I was instantly and insanely hooked. And like many James Bond fans of my generation, Roger Moore (the third actor to take the up the M:I6 agent's mantle), became my Bond. Decades later, I would introduce my son to Bond via Pierce Brosnan's four film run. Bond has become such an ingrained institution in our family, I have no doubt any future grandchildren I may have will become indoctrinated into the adventures of Universal Exports most successful field agent as well.

James Bond's fans are legion. Take Matt Mira and Matt Gourley, for example. Their shared enthusiasm of all things Bond led these two superfans to create and host the highly entertaining and in-depth film review podcast, James Bonding (via the website). Highly informative, brutally honest and absolutely hilarious, "The Matts" delve into these Bond films with the fervent reverence and devotional love only those who enjoy blue terrycloth onesies can appreciate. Joined by a slew of comedic guest hosts (Doug Benson, Steve Agee, Paul F. Tompkins, Alie and Georgia, Paul Sheer - to name but a few.), James Bonding is the pow-wow podcast for Bond fans to listen to while you wash your dishes. 

You'll be shaken. You'll be stirred. You'll be doubled over laughing at more than one point. Just make sure to pull your Aston-Martin DB5 over to the side of the road before you start listening.