Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fiver - Episode X: Citizen Cain II: The Reckoning

     I've been meaning to post something here for a while if for no other reason than to knock that previous post featuring multi-visage Jason Voorhees' (pleasant to look at, though he may be) down a notch. It's been forever and a day since I posted one of my Fiver music reviews, so let's go with that. Yeah.

From the album Infinity Caller

     A fairly unconventional cover of '80's pop sensation Tiffany's hit single, but this Brooklyn band makes it all their own-- clamoring alt-90's guitar hooks and all.

"High Road"  (YouTube)
From the album Static

     Cults recently blew through my town to play a set of their patented candy-coated synth-pop. Did I go to see them? Nope! Instead, I looked this band up after the fact to see what they sounds like. Now, thanks to my stellar decision-making skills regarding the potential viewing of great live music, I'm thinking of getting "schmuck" tattooed backwards on my forehead. 

"State of Mine"  (mp3)
From the album Defend Yourself

     I remember the day in the mid-1990's when I stumbled upon Sebadoh. I was working at this really shitty record store that was essentially the exact opposite of what one would consider a cool record store-working experience to be (over-the-should micromanagement, sold-to-score used inventory, a plethora of novelty do-dad shit, etc, etc.) I did, however, find Bakesale on cassette there, so I suppose working a soul-destroying counter jockey job was worth discovering these lo-fi masters. 

"Watered Down"  (Soundcloud)
From the album Surfing Strange

     So this is that part in life when you realize the shit you were into in your twenties is now "retro." When you hear a girl in line at a coffee shop (who's 20 years your junior, but wearing thigh-high stocking like the ones your girlfriend from back when used to have) proclaim "The 80's thing is so over. Now the 90's are coming in." Suddenly my Peter Pan Complex doesn't feel all that precious anymore. At least all that retrofied music these days is pretty damned good.

Julia Holter
"Maxim I"  (Soundcloud)
From the album Loud City Song

     Does David Lynch still make movies anymore, or is he just coasting on his David Lynch-iness these days? Because if he decides to start making his wonderfully strange and effecting films again, he couldn't do better than incorporating a few of Julia Holter's songs into his soundtracks. Also she's both youthful and easy on the eyes: two qualities Mr. Lynch seems to appreciate in a woman--actress, musician or otherwise.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday the 13th Everybody!

"Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch... "

I was never a horror movie fan. As a kid, splatter flicks always seemed a bit too cynical, dismal and hopeless for my fragile young wuss-ibilities. Honestly, I was never taken in by the charms of watching a maniac brutally kill people, and always wondered what the point of the whole shebang was anyway (to see people brutally killed over-and-over again. Duh!) But I have to give props to the "King of Horror Movie Characters" on this hollowed conjunction of day and date: Friday the 13th!

Instead of showing you a clip reel of Crystal Lake's most famous resident's deathblows (and boy howdy does this hockey masked madman L-O-V-E to kill him some fornicating teens), I chose instead to share the following clip (complete with a constant buzzing noise in the low-end frequency) from when Jason stopped by Arsenio Hall to discuss his then-new movie, Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan.