Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oh, Portland, My Portland!

One of the many reasons I L-O-V-E Portland, Oregon: Stuff!

Speaking of kool craft culture from the City of Rip, venerable micro-publisher Reading Frenzy was forced to vacate their home of 17 years, effectively closing the keeper of all things zine's doors. Unable to secure a new spot, the folks at Reading Frenzy weighed their options and decided launched a KickStarter campaign to get back on their feet again.

The former Reading Frenzy storefront on Oak Street. *Sigh*

As a zinester myself, I'd be remiss in my duties not to encourage you to fund and support Reading Frenzy's relaunch. Why should you care if this small batch publishing house reopens their doors? The reasons are many, but here are three:

1. Reading Frenzy publishes DIY zines and books by many worthwhile underground scribes and artists, giving a platform to creative folks who might otherwise not have one.

2. Without outlets like Reading Frenzy, we'd be left with milquetoast publications like Star, US and O. Is that really the world you want to live in?

3. You'd be contributing to something great: zine culture! Seriously, what's better than homemade publications? Nothing, that's what!

Go to Reading Frenzy's website for updates on their KickStarter campaign.. While you're there, check-out (and purchase!) some of their spectacular reads, such as Crap Hound, PDX By Bike and DIY Magic (to name but a few).

Support Your Local Distributor!

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