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RSA DIY: Build Your Own My Bloody Valentine B-Sides And Rarities Collection!

Miami Bloody Vicentine?!? Bootleg MBV rarities collections, am a I right?

     It's been about 22 days since I reviewed My Bloody Valentine's m b v (their first studio record in nearly 22 records, if ya didn't know), and I seriously can't stop listening to this thing. It's almost as if with each new pass of this record--which averages a four-to-five-play rotation schedule here at The Rocket Science Alliance World Headquarters--reveals some new aural tidbit and sonic pathway. My Bloody Valentine's latest is seemingly more dense and chock-a-block than an episode of Arrested Development, with repeat exposure reaping new found audio rewards. 

     (Just so we're clear, this record has not become an addiction. I'm fully in control. No, honestly; I can quit anytime I want. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to hit "play" on my iTunes and take another hit... er, listen to this record. What? I can quit anytime I want!)

     This record has, however, inspired me to revisit a My Bloody Valentine rarities and unreleased collection I made for myself a couple of years ago. As a record collector and admitted OCD-having human being, my predilection to collect every bit of audio ephemera from bands I love and cherish knows no bounds. My Bloody Valentine, of course being near the top of my listening pleasure apex, is very much a part of that obsession. So much so in fact , that I've collected every  single studio proper recording My Bloody Valentine has released in the Isn't Anything/Loveless era (I don't go in for that sketchy live recording bootleg bullshit, mostly because I don't believe in listening to second hand live music experience).

     In compiling all of this music, I found that the band recorded enough extracurricular material to fill a 2CD set. In 2012, they actually did just that, releasing (well, in Europe, anyway) a compilation titled EPs 1988-1991. Head Valentine Kevin Shields went back into the studio to not only polish-up and remaster this odds-n-sods on this collection (which included several rarities that had previously only managed to find themselves in dodgy mp3 form on the Internet), but both Isn't Anything and Loveless, as well.

     Listening to this EPs compilation, however, I found that it was missing several non-album tracks that, over the years, I've considered quite essential to this band's catalogue. So I dusted-off the collection I originally made, added those songs from Shield's rarities compilation and went to town. Below is my 2CD, quasi-double album My Bloody Valentine EP and rarities collection, titled Temolo Glider/Sugar Glider (Sony Records execs: If, god forbid, you're reading this blog entry, please consider putting this My Bloody Valentine collection out here in The States--do something good before the inevitable end of your dominance comes to a nadir):

tremolo glider

1. you made me realise
2. slow
3. thorn
4. cigarette in your bed
5. drive it all over me
6. i believe
7. emptiness inside
8. i need no trust
9. soon
10. glider
11. don’t ask why
12. off your face
13. to here knows when
14. swallow
15. honey power
16. moon song

sugar glider

1. how do you do it
2. good for you
3. just like us
4. incidental one (feat. mark eitzel)
5. instrumental a
6. angel
7. Incidental peace (feat. skylab)
8. map ref. 41°n 93°w
9. instrumental b
10. we have all the time in the world
11. sugar
12. glider (full length version)
13. soon (andrew weatherall remix)

     So, right about now, I bet you're thinking, "I wish I had this collection of My Bloody Valentine rarities all in one easily accessible compilation!" or "I'm not really a fan of this band's music, per se. But I am an American, and I always want what I cant have!" Well, I'm going to show you how to easily compile this collection of My Bloody Valentine rarities for your very own listening pleasure. All you have to do is simply follow the directions I've outlined below:

1. First, you're going to need to go back in time (don't fret--it's easier than you think) and get a job in Tower Records' shipping an receiving department. When you open a box marked "Import Singles," grab all of the My Bloody Valentine recordings you find (there are four discs in all: The "Feed Me With Your Kiss" single, as well as the You Made Me Realise, Glider and Tremolo EPs). Now, come back to the present. These EPs form the entirety of the Tremolo Glider disc.

2. Via eBay or Discogs (or a record-selling site you know and love), purchase the following compilations: Whore: A Tribute To Wire ($15 on eBay), Peace Together (found in a bargain bin at Amoeba Records in Berkeley, California for $5) and Offbeat: A Red Hot Soundtrip ($.98 from Amazon--AIDS benefit compilations were HUGE in the 90's, apparently). These compilations feature Sugar Glider's songs "Map Ref. 41°N 93°W," "We Have All the Time In The World," and "Incidental One" and "Incidental Peace."

3. Again, via eBay, Discogs or (assuming your town still has one) your local record shop's import section, purchase the EPs 1988-1991 compilation. It'll set you back an estimated $20, but it's worth it to get the remastered versions of "How Do You Do It," "Good For You," "Just Like Us," "Angel," "Sugar, both "Instrumental A" and "Instrumental B," and the extended ear-bending version of "Glider." (You know what? Since EPs 1988-1991 comes with all of the songs for Tremolo Glider, just skip Step 1 up there. My bad.)

4. Then, go on iTunes and download "Soon (Andrew Weatherall Remix)" from the JBO: A Retrospective - 1988-1991 single. This was originally the B-Side (or was it the A-Side? I forgot) to the extended version of "Glider." It's worth the $.99 download price alone just to feel those sweet Andrew Weatherall clipped-on beats that scream "THIS WAS TOTALLY MADE IN THE 1990's!"

5. Now find any My Bloody Valentine video on YouTube ("Soon" works the best, in my opinion) and start snapping pictures. One or two of the photos you take will become your compilation's cover(s). Or you can just right-click and download the covers above which I made using the method I was kind enough to share with you in the sentence before this one. It's your call.

6. Arrange these songs like I have above (or do it yourself. Whatever...), and viola! You now have your very own My Bloody Valentine EPs and rarities collection. Enjoy! Just remember not to capitalize any of the song titles!


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