Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Elliott Smith, Undusted ...Again.

Hot on the heels of his posthumous Grey Day Records Outside In compilation appearance, yet another unreleased Elliott Smith ditty sees the light of day. This song, "Misery Let Me Down," dates back to Smith's 1997 live appearance at WMUC-FM, a student run radio station at the University of Maryland, College Park. At the rate these rare gems are popping up, don't be surprised to see another Elliott Smith unreleased rarities compilation album somewhere down the road (like, say, the one I made below... )

Elliott Smith Grand Mal
1. Misery Let Me Down
2. Suicide Machine
3. Cecelia/Amanda
4. Mailman Thinks Me Dumb
5. No Name #6
6. Miss Misery (Piano Version)
7. Stick Man
8. Division Day
9. Trouble
10. Mr. Good Morning
11. Grand Mal
12. Dancing On the Highway
13. The Enemy Is You
14. I Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out

Bonus Songs 
1. "Jealous Guy" (John Lennon cover, live)
2. "Don't Fear the Reaper" (Blue Oyster Cult cover, live)
3. "Moonshiner" (unreleased, live)