Sunday, August 21, 2011

Well, How About That...?

From time-to-time I still like to venture out into the retail world and see what's going on in the shoe market. It's always refreshing/horrifying to see what shoe designers are coming up with, and I always see at least a pair or two of new kicks that make me giddy and force me to fork over my hard-earned skrilla. On my latest trek out, however, I didn't expect to see a pair of shoes I have wanted for quite some time. 

...Or should I say, have wanted to design, like, forever.

Upon a trip to our local mallgaloplex, I stopped into a store named Zumiez, a proto-skateshop/lifestyle endeavor presumably for kids too timid to brave the jaded barbs of employees at real skateboard shops. Perusing the floor-to-ceiling wall of new skate shoes by the likes of DC, DVS, Lakai, Vox, adidas, and Fallen, it was a particular brand of Nike 6.0's that caught my eye: the "Rzol."

I couldn't believe what I was looking at. This shoe looked so insanely similar to the "Lo-Fi" shoe I designed for my pie-in-the-sky footwear company, Mashugina Shoeworks. Just like the kick I detailed on this very blog, the Nike "Rzol" features a low, light profile, full-wrap banding and a gum rubber sole. It was like looking at a dream come to like, but with a Nike "swoosh" on the side instead of a Mashugina sidewall patch. 

Sketches from my Moleskin notebook, circa 2004.
Originally called "The Eccsame" after the Lilys album, "The Lo-Fi" simply sounded much better.

Needless to say, now I seriously want a pair of these Nike shoes. They're super light, comfortable, and at $70.00 a pair, not a bad deal (maybe I'll buy two!) But damn if I wish I'd gotten my shoes out to market before these came out (great minds, aye?) Just goes to show ya: if you have an idea and dream to make it come true, you really owe it to yourself to see it through.

"Just Do It," indeed.

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