Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Rocket Science Alliance Internet Compilation - Surrender: Faded Memory Music

Hot on the heels of my last post, I decided to take those songs by The Caretaker and mash them up with Dirty Beaches, Darius, and man behind The Caretaker himself, Leyland Kirby, to make this Lynchian-esque compilation soundtrack. 


Surrender: Faded Memory Music
(Click on the song titles for audio, then go out and buy these band's records! You'll find vinyl to be surprisingly superior.)

1. The Caretaker "The Sublime Is Disappointingly Elusive"
2. The Caretaker "Libet's Delay"
3. Dirty Beaches "West Coast Bird"
4. The Caretaker "False Memory Syndrome"
5. The Caretaker "The Great Hidden Sea Of Unconsciousness"
6. Dirty Beaches "Horses"
7. The Caretaker "It's All Forgotten Now"
8. The Caretaker "Camaraderie At Arms Length"
9. Dirty Beaches "Lord Knows Best"
10. The Caretaker "Lacunar Amnesia"
11. Memoryhouse "Lately (Deuxieme)"
12. The Caretaker "Tiny Gradations Of Loss"
13. Darius "Warm"
14. Leyland Kirby "Memories Live Longer Than Dreams"

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