Thursday, July 7, 2011

THE CARETAKER: All's Forgotten

I love old, forgotten things. 

Things with age, and cracks, and time worn into them; the more faded and flawed, the beautiful. Perhaps it's some silly romantic notion of moments that once were, but never actually experienced - complete with the ghosts and phantoms from all of those faded old black and white photographs lingering for a spell and floating through dusty sunbeams that seep through brittle and yellowed blinds, settling upon creaking furniture and musty old books. Melancholy things made of materials deemed obsolete, yet still standing the test of time as their longevity, more and more, is prone to becoming a see through, faded memory susceptible to loss as the days, years and decades pass. 

This, then, is the soundtrack wafting through those decadent lost hallways...

(choice selections):

The Caretaker's latest album is titled An Empty Bliss Beyond This World, out now on History Always Favours The Winners. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 1981 masterpiece, The Shining, The Caretaker's Leyland Kirby sculpts lost, hazy found sounds into reverberant memory music, al a' the film's ethereal ballroom scenes. Kirby also drew inspiration from a 2010 study linking Alzheimer's patients relative retention of verbal information when placed in the context of music. Sampled heavily from old, scratchy 78 RPM jazz records, An Empty Bliss is the sound of haunting memories vaguely remembered in patches, swirls and false starts layered upon fading stops. Simply brilliant.

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