Monday, June 20, 2011

Dept. Of Sad - Case No. 000,001: The Shuttering ReadyMade Magazine

ReadyMade Magazine - the journal of all things stylishly crafty and recyclable - issued a statement on their website recently stating that their parent company, Meredith, will be shuttering the mag after this month's issue.

Here's the statement direct from ReadyMade's website:

"Dear ReadyMade Faithful,

On this beautiful summer day we here at RM HQ were greeted with some bad news: Our parent company, Meredith, had made the extremely difficult decision to close up the ReadyMade shop. As anyone who has followed the trials and travails of the publishing world knows, it’s tough out there right now and we couldn’t see our way through at this time. As much as it breaks all our hearts it’s a decision we understand and are taking in stride.

ReadyMade was an unbelievable brand that, since its inception in 2001, has inspired countless people across the world to rethink, reimagine, and reinterpret their everyday life. ReadyMade encouraged people to take a much broader view of what they might consider DIY. In the ReadyMade realm, DIY could mean everything from starting your own business to starting your own band. From building your own dining table out of discarded shipping pallets to growing your own food and cooking your own meal, ReadyMade was about taking your life into your own hands and shaping your own existence in any way you see fit. The ever-growing DIY movement truly encompasses every facet of our existence. The ReadyMade community will continue push DIY into the mainstream by building websites, writing blogs, taking photos, and most importantly, forming coherent opinions that are ours and only ours, and letting those be known. ReadyMade’s can-do spirit even in the most dire of circumstances has always been its life-blood and we know it will continue to be the driving force of ReadyMakers in the future. And this will keep us all going.

With that said, we wanted to wish you all one last farewell and say thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing community and for all of your support. These past years have been some of the best of our lives and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Undoubtedly we will all be there in one way or another—cooking some incredible meals or stitching some quilts, spinning some records or writing some words, walking our dogs and obsessing over weddings, making dining stools out of recycled egg cartons, printing posters, visiting craft fairs and concerts, or simply sitting back and smiling at all the activity swirling around us still. We can’t wait!


Team ReadyMade"

Geez! First Toyfare and Wizard, now ReadyMade? And I never had a chance to write that Place Settings acticle on Sacramento for the magazine. Lame!

This whole shebang did raise one question with this author: given ReadyMade's inherent popularity with it's legions of reader (of which I am/was one), why didn't the struggling Meredith opt to sell the title to another publisher instead of giving it the axe?

Ah, the Universe; unfair as usual.