Monday, May 2, 2011

Like A Frog Caught In Bicycle Lights

Didn't Tom Cruise battle these once?
Knog Frog Strobe Twin Pack (discontinued)
Knog Australia
8 out of 10

A coupe of months back, some prick stole the "hipster cycsts" off of my bike while it was parked outside of one of my favorite local watering holes. It could of been worse, I know; my entire bike could have been stolen. But still, having anything you own finked from you is marginally demoralizing. And while it was clearly my fault for not simply removing the lights from my bike in the first place, that still hasn't stopped me from anthropomorphizing my old set of bike lights, empathizing with them and the fear of their new, strange and frightening surroundings.

So down to my LBS it was to purchase a new pair of front and back lights. While digging through the shop's discount bin, I stumbled upon this twin pack of Knog Frog lights. The can't-beat sale price was less than $25.00, so win-win, right?

The Frogs came packaged in recycled cardboard, which is all well and good, except this packaging leaves recycled cardboard "dust" all over your new rubber lights. No problem,  really, since the shell casing of these Frogs are water proof; one quick ride in the rain and (((POOF!))) - instantly cleaned-off bicycle lights. 

Can you find the Frogs on this bike?
These Frogs fasten onto virtually any rounded surface on your steed via their rubber loops-to-hook technology - which even a butter fingers like me can easily negotiate. Luckily for me, the set I purchased on-sale were black and matched my bike perfectly (because that's what bicycling is all about these days: color matching).

Ironically, It's the actual lighting features of these lights that I like the most. Compared to my last set of regrettably wimpy Knog Frogs, these N.O.S. Frogs are absolutely blinding, and my night riding has improved significantly ("...visible up to 600 meters," boasts Knog's website). They each feature 4 different setting - three of which are strobes at different seizure-inducing intervals. All-in-all, an extremely satisfying frugal purchase.

Yeah, these are last season's lights. And yeah Knog already has their new, non-Frog line of bicycle lights out. And even more yeah - I'm sure Knog has found even more ways to improve on their existing bicycle light technology. But, but, but... I am currently having a love affair with these "old" Froggies. If you find this twin pack in your LBS's bargain bin, snatch 'em up, toot'sweet! You'll save yourself some pocket change and get a great pair of easy-to-mount lights.


  1. bicycle lights are very important in today’s world. It helps the rider in illuminating to avoid any hurdles in the way as well as preventing accidents.
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  2. Thanks, Junaid. I really appreciate you compliment.