Monday, May 2, 2011

Dreamin' & Schemin' Pt. 2: OUi! Stuntwood

Ever since I was teenager, my aspiration was to be a graphic designer for a skateboard company. Ah, the simple, uncomplicated dreams of youth...

I used to draw my own graphics on the bottoms of my boards once I had scraped most of the original graphics away doing board slides, nose slide and tail slides. Back in the late 80's when Powell-Peralta Skateboards put an ad in Thrasher calling for artists to submit there portfolios in order to land a job with the company's graphic design department, I jammed my best skull art into an envelope and set it to 'em (I think it goes without saying that Sean Cliver handily won the post).

Over the years, my interest in designing skateboard graphics waned, as did my career interest in graphic design (a field that I'm convinced is not where any self-respecting artist should wind up, lest you find artistic expression designing cereal boxes and Penny Saver ads). Thanks to the Internet, however, getting your scribbles on the bottom of a plank is extremely easy. You don't even need to own an actual skateboard company to do so. 

If I had the money and chutzpah, I'd start a legitimate skateboard company. Until then, I'll settle for this dream: OUi! Stuntwood.

"Pop Dots"

'Electric Floater" - M

"Electric Floater" - L

"Roshambo Rock"

"Roshambo Paper"

"Roshambo Scissors"

"Tube Logo"


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