Saturday, April 23, 2011

Serge At The Verge

Okay, it's been like, what? A month since this event happened? Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Celebrating possible one of the coolest white people to ever grace this tiny blue sphere, the Verge Center of the Arts and The Sacramento French Film Festival joined fundraising forces in March to celebrate the life, times and unlimited talents of what could be arguably considered one of France's  finest exports: Serge Gainsbourg.

What can you say about this guy that hasn't already been said? He had a charmingly vulgar vocal delivery, acting and directing chops akimbo, enough moxie to choke a donkey, was tethered to a bevy beautiful women (Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, etc.) over the course of his lifetime, and looked spot-on even (or especially) when he was soft-hell dishevelled. What can I say? The Man was - and still is -  a god.

Anyhoo, here are some drunken pictures I took with my friend Susan's camera and my crappy 2G iPhone. Enjoy!

Serge's silhouette beckons Susan inside
...or threatens to swallow her whole.
Gainsbourg, literally beside himself.
Le crowd.

Two of Sacramento's best graphic designers,
Stacey McConnen and Laura Edmisten of Asbestos Press.
The always fashionable Bows & Arrows
co-owner Olivia Coelho Citron-ing it up.
I'm not entirely sure who this couple is, but hey,
"bon!" regardless.
Ditto this couple.
Annimal House's fashionable scribe, Ann Tindall, and
her man (how thrilled is that chick in the background?)
I don't know who this beautiful woman is, but DAMN!
Midtown Monthly head honcho Tim Foster and his
lovely wife (and Verge commander-in-chief) Liv Moe.
The Citron was a hit! Even that guy in the back seat is all
like, "Dude, this car is pimp."
Oh, yes. Pimp, indeed sir.
Projected Serge.
Your author boat captain-ing
the Citron (photo by Susan). 
The always dapper Chris Tafoya,
paying lip service to his cigarette.

Serge on film.
All night Susan was like, "That fuckin' car is mine!"

"Zee answer is always 'oui, oui!' my dear."
One last look at le Citron. Va-va-vroom!



  1. Cool documenting Tony! It was nice to meet you and get acquainted with your blog 2!

  2. Likewise. Your blog is awesome!