Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Rocket Science Alliance Tribute To Record Store Day 2011!

Today marks the fifth year of Record Store Day, the national event celebrating local, independent record retailers, the superiority of vinyl and hording rare, limited edition slabs o' wax destined for eBay.

We here at The Rocket Science Alliance would like to take this opportunity to celebrate Record Store Day (otherwise known as our favorite day of the year after Arbor Day) with a virtual mixtape. Please enjoy the sounds of...

 "The Splendid Adventurers Club Presents: Champion Chimes For Splendid Times"

1. The Divine Comedy "I Like"
2. Cats On Fire "The Border Of This Land"
3. The Soundcarriers "Caught By the Sun"
4. The Cat's Miaow "Seventeen"
5. The Dials "Watch Her Walk Away"
6. Jim Noir "Don't You Worry"
7. Brown Recluse "Rainy Saturday"
8. Tender Trap "Do You Want A Boyfriend"
9. Viola "Popsicle Summer"
10. Summer Fiction "Chandeliers"
13. Spectrals "Peppermint"
14. Camera Obscura "If Looks Could Kill"
15. Cocoanut Groove "The Castle"
16. Maple Leaves "Tapestry"
17. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "A Teenager In Love"
18. Readymade "Rehearsed Disaster"
19. Orca Team "Let It Go"
20. Social Studies "We Choose Our Own Adventures"
21. Reading  Rainbow "Always On Mind"
22. The Postmarks "My Lucky Charms"
23. The Superimposers "Autumn Falls"

Happy hunting everyone!

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