Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fiver - Episode IV: Jason Lives (S.S. Records Edition)

This year marks S.S. Records' 10th anniversary. Yep, label head Scott Soriano's punk funnel has been tossing rare-right-off-the-press wax like barbed bocce balls, with the space between your ears as his target. One of Sacramento, California's most unsung, yet highly praised record labels, S.S. has released skids by A Frames, Duchess Of Saigon, Nothing People, Crash Normal, The Intelligence, Antennas Erupt, Karate Party, Cigarettes, ...and on and on the list goes.

To celebrate S.S. Records' big 1-0, there will be multiple shows cases at this year's Noise Pop fest in San Francisco. Information is as follows:

S S 1 0: SS Records 10th Anniversary Fiesta! 

Friday May 20
A Frames / Cheveu /  Hank IV / Charles Albright
Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco
Buy Tickets Here

Saturday May 21
feedtime / Lamps / Nothing People / Wounded Lion
Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco
Buy Tickets Here

Sunday May 22
The Mantles / Nar / Duchess of Saigon / LENZ
Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco
Buy Tickets Here

More information at

This, then, is a Fiver dedicated not to just one of the best record label's going, but the grumpy guy making it happen. Good on ya, fucker.

1. Wounded Lion "Carol Cloud"
From the Carol Cloud 45 (2008, S.S. Records)
I used to know a girl named Carol. She was a bit of a schmuck. The girl Wounded Lion's singing about here doesn't sound like she'd cry about getting the wrong color Volkswagen Cabriolet on her sixteenth birthday.

2. Cheveu "Hello Friends"
From the album Cheveu (2008, S.S. Records)
So, I wonder if the guys in Cheveu know the fellas from Les Thugs. You know, because both bands are from France. Les Thugs are the only French band my ignorant American ass actually knows about - and their hey day was back in the 90's! I mean, are Les Thugs even around? I seriously need to travel more.

3. A Frames "Surveillance"
From the album 2 (2003, S.S. Records)
I once dated this chick that lived in Baltimore. Needless to say, I ran up a considerably high telephone bill one month; my being in California and all. To pay the $327.86 I owed AT&T, I stupidly sold some records, and 2 was one of 'em. Now this LP's fetching over $50 on eBay and Gemm. And the girl? Long, long gone. No long-distance relationship is worth sacrificing your record collection for... EVER!!!

4. Karate Party "Pressure"
From the album Black Helicopter (2005, S.S. Records)
Chris Woodhouse of Mayyors fame was in this band. That's it - enough said. I shouldn't have to say anymore about this fuckin' awesome record is than that. No, seriously; "humorous" asides and what I believe to be funny quips are not required for this mini review. 

5. Nothing People "Twinkie Defense"
From the album Late Night (2009, S.S. Records)
Hey, where is Dan White buried? I've never shit on a grave before, but honestly, I can't think of a better burial site to do so upon. Can you?  Play this song by Nothing People while paying your respects to the man who allowed fat-fried cakes to drive him to murder.

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