Friday, April 15, 2011

Fiver - Episode III: Thrice As Nice

The best thing about music these days? There is so goddamn much of it. And some of it is actually pretty good.

Seriously, back in the day, if you wanted to hear something a little different - a little more underground than say, Living Colour - you had to thumb through volumes of grungy mail order catalogues or fanzines made out of flimsy newsprint and wait two weeks for your records or cassette tapes to arrive in the mail. It was either that, or motor on down to the nearest Tower Records and take a chance on a disc whose cover artwork looked vaguely similar to that of the last slab you bought. Honestly, you kids have it so easy these day - there are more readily available and eager bands on the interwebs than you can shake an empty PBR bottle at.

Oh, listen to me go on. Just pass me my Ensure aleady, would ya? And while you're at it, sample these songs by 5 outta the kajillions of other bands your generation has the luxury to ignore. Also, get off of my lawn!


1.  Family Portrait "Other Side"
From the album Family Portrait (2001, Underwater Peoples)
Something about the vocal delivery of the lead singer of Family Portrait (along with that gritty guitar strumming away with reckless, lazy abandon over drums chugging along like a Rambler on it's last legs) convinces me that this dude has an impossibly cute girlfriend who wears butt ugly shoes. I dunno. Call it a hunch.

2. The Antlers "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out"
From the album Burst Apart (2011, French Kiss)
Ya know, it's funny. I just got back from seeing my dentist this morning, and I have a pretty severe case of gum disease (like in the 5 and 6's range). Then I get home and discover this song by The Antlers about teeth falling out as you sleep. Ha-ha! Funny, right?!? No, not really.

3. Sandwitches "Grey Wizard"
From the compilation In A Cloud: New Sounds From San Francisco (2011, Secret Seven)
Hey Sandwitches! You know what? Gay wizards are people, too!!! I don't know why you guys feel the need to single out magic-conjuring sorcerer-Americans because of their sexual proclivities, but that shit's fucked up! It's not like... Huh? What's that? Oh, "Grey Wizard." My bad. Carry on.

4. Sleeping Bag "Slime"
From the album Sleeping Bag (2011, self released)
You know what I love about this song? It sounds like Sleeping Bag is playing it for you out of some sort of obligation; like you nagged and nagged them to do so until they dragged their instruments to your house and went through the motions. "There. Happy?"

5. Dirty Beaches "A Hundred Highways"
From the album Badlands (2011, Zoo Music)
So this is what the elevator music in David Lynch's dreams sounds like...!