Monday, April 4, 2011

Dreamin' & Schemin' Pt. 1: Mashugina Shoe Works

While I'm no Emelda Marcos or Carrie Bradshaw, I do have a certain predilection for collecting shoes. My shoe buying habit isn't as bad as it once was (about 50 or so boxes of tennis shoes before I came to my senses about fives years ago and realized I was seriously hording), I still manage to find closet space for adidas, Clarks and Clae

Tennis shoes these days, however, aren't as fetchin' to me as they once were. Aesthetically, shoes just ain't doing it for me much these days. Then I started asking myself exactly what kind of kicks I would want to wear, and I quickly scribbled-out the shoe you see to the right.

The Mashugina Shoe Works' "Lo-Fi" would be a chill shoe made for both function and fashion. It features a wrap-around banding side walls, gum rubber soles and the Mashugina patented rear panel stripe (in red, of course, to honor a certain Jamaican beer maker). It also features an internal padded foot arch and a small hide-y pouch in the tongue. All-in-all, a simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing shoe (well, to me anyway).

Here are some more of my sketches. If you know any potential investors willing to take a gamble on a an indie shoe-making venture, send 'em my way!

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