Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet The Vagrants

The treasure trove of under-appreciated and forgotten bands form the mid to late 1960's is a seemingly bottomless well. Every year, some small indie record label manages to unearth a band or a record that has been criminally neglected until this these modern times, when their/it's digitally remastered from dusty ol' tapes, given liner notes a' plenty and heaped with critical praise where-in the reviewer note how criminally neglected this band/platter was in it's day.

In keeping with this proud tradition, Light In the Attic Records would like to introduce you to The Vagrants, a late-60's combo who specialized in garage rockin' soul and unappreciated 45 releases. Virtually unheard of outside of New York, The Vagrants were fueled by rock, dreams of stardom and a boatload of talent. As with most bands of their day, it seems that The Vagrants were simply 50 years ahead of their time. Thankfully for those of us in "The Future" we can enjoy The Vagrants music dutifully.

I Can't Make A Friend 1965-1968 collects all of The Vagrant's smoking hott ditties. A mere 30 minutes in length, these 12 songs will leave ya scratching your head as to how a  generation let this Hammond organ-powered band get away. Hell, it's even available in Long Player format (a sound delivery system that's sweeping the nation ...yet again!) 

Here's yet another band from the vault that you can impress your friends by discovering. "Hey! Heard The Vagrants, yet?"

Listen up! Here's the good good:

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