Monday, March 7, 2011

Fiver - Episode I

Every now and again I will endeavor to bring you five songs that are absolutely indispensable to your life. These infrequent music posts will be called "Fiver." While the name of this feature kinda sucks, these songs indeed do not.


From the album Celest (2010, Melodic)
A blast of Stereolab-esque fever swells, and a tribute of sorts to Broadcast's Trish Keenan.

From the album Summer Fiction (2010, self released)
Just so damn catchy, like the way your fingers get caught-up in a warm, comfy afghan.

From the cassette Let It Go (2010, self released)
For anyone who has ever mooned over love lost and realized that they're with someone new.

From the single What You Need (2011, self released)
To paraphrase Richard Pryor in the film Silverstreak, "...this song is pure pussy!"

From the album Smoke Ring For My Halo (2011, Matador)
A stellar album for your year-end Best-Of 2011 list, indeed. And here's the proof.

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