Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Results Are In! Well, Kind Of...

In December, around the same time I re-vamped this blog, you may or may not recall my mentioning the Holiday Mix-Off Series conducted between my good friend Mark Hamilton and myself since 2006. What initially started as a cheap and creative way to give out homemade gifts every holiday season,  gradually devolved into Mark and I engage in a contest of wills and record collection to produce compilation CDs that we  encourage/force the recipients to vote on.

Instead of depending on hearsay in regard to who "won" each year's Holiday Mix-Off Series (as we have in the past), Mark and I decided to engage in a ballot-type system where we could actually tally-up the votes and see conclusively who indeed won this year's event. The 20 self-addressed and stamped postcard-type ballots consisted of five either/or questions where the voter would only have to circle one of our names. There was even space on the back for our voters to write thoughts and opinions if desired. Easy-peasy, no?

Well, no. 

As of today, Mark and I have only received 5 of these ballots. Of the five, only one person actually shared their thoughts regarding our mixes. Two of our voters chose to forgo answering one of their questions by voting for both Mark's and my compilations, thus canceling-out the question all together. tallying-up the votes, Mark and I came out even.

Oh, well. I think this year, Mark and I really out-did ourselves. His mix, Hello Young Lovers, was bang-on and featured some pretty damn awesome cover art (I honestly wish Mark would do more collages - he's good at 'em!) I thought my thrift store clusterfuck, "Aww, Shitness!" was possibly one of the best mixes I've ever made, and the cover design by Jairus Tonel was amazing (thanks again, Jairus!)

Anyhoo... meh! Mark has already suggested that this should be the Holiday Mix-Off Series, and just give mix CDs out to anyone this next holiday season who seems genuinely interested in them. Sure, sure. We could do that. But I have a feeling the competitive Mix-Off zeal may rear it's hansom head one last season.

What say? Wanna be a judge for the final Holiday Mix-Off Series this year?