Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time for some good ol' fashioned rebranding...

Starting on 1/1/11, the name of this blog will be changing from The Rub Review to The Rocket Science Alliance. The reason for this change is simple: The Rub Review is a really stupid name for a blog.

Additionally, I want my blog to reflect more about me than simply reviewing the junk I buy and (almost always) kvetch about. There will still be plenty of product reviews here on the all-new Rocket Science Alliance blog, but there will also be additional entries covering everything from my artistic endeavors to chronicling some of the more recent projects I've started (look for the Phono Select compilation CD featuring all-Sacramento bands on Record Store Day, April 2011!) And before you ask; yes, I really am this big of a narcissist. I mean, you have to be to have a blog. Am I right, or am I right, or am I right?

The Rocket Science Alliance is an "arts and ideas house" which started back in the late 1990's. Over it's lifespan, The Rocket Science Alliance (or R.S.A.) has taken on many modulating forms: record label, graphic design compound, compilation CD/cassette stronghold, skateboard company dictatorship, cigar-production daycare service - you name it! Recently, The R.S.A. has settled on the whole "arts and ideas" deal to focus it's energies on being a completely fungible entity that can morph it's intent at even the slightest passing of gas from a bumblebee's butt. Sort of a "what's interesting me now" exercises, really, but with a really cool banner-friendly name that mixes rhyme and alliteration with reckless abandon.

If that makes any sense.

Yeah, so anyway... New name. New focus. New blog entries. New-ish layout. Same run-on sentences and crimes against spelling, grammar and syntax. That's what I promise you, my smattering of loyal readers (all 18 of ya). New, new, new!

Rest In Piece The Rub Review. Long Live The Rocket Science Alliance!

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