Sunday, November 1, 2009


Greeting word nerd(s), and welcome to my review blog. Tis nothing extraordinary, mind you, but writing reviews is the absolute best thing I do. You might ride your skateboard extremely well, make the perfect quiche or launder clothing like a seasoned professional. Mozel tov! For me, it's words constructed in such an order as convey a clear and concise review of a said item and/or experience.

This blog, then, is the depot of my written, opinion-based missives. Here you will find reviews on those things I hold near and dear: records, live music events, films, vintage tchotckes, and other such things I'm willing to shell-out my hard-earned money for. In short: worth-while consumer goods.

The breakdown of this blog goes as such: New, recently released albums (in LP form, mind you. CD's are shit.), the most recent movies I've seen in the theater and the latest junk I've purchased (bicycles, toys, food, etc.) Some blog entries will also contain "second looks" at records and DVD's from the past that I feel may warrant more consideration on the part of blithely ignorant bastards that bare absolutely no resemblance to you. Others, may contain a strongly worded essay on my cat's cleaning habits. It's my blog, and I'll review if I want to. Review if I want to...

So yeah, there it is in a nutshell. THE RUB. A blog about reviewing stuff (music and movies, mostly) by a freelance writer with no fixed media address (for more about your nebbish writer, see my profile information over there --->). In lieu of actually writing for an established publication - and getting paid for it, I might add - here is my blog. You know, to keep in shape.

Hey, it's your dime. Let's waste it together.


-Tony King
Editor and Writer, THE RUB

P.S. Blogs are not a substitute for unbiased, fact-checked news reporting. Read a newspaper, ya lug!

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